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Dinosaur Pouch <3

Dinosaur Pouch <3

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MULTI-PURPOSE MAGIC: From small to large, our flat pouches are perfect for anything you need. Ideal as pencil cases or cosmetic travel bags, they bring a touch of prehistoric fun wherever they go.


DURABLE DESIGN: Made with strong, enduring materials and a secure zipper closure, these pouches are built to last through all your adventures.




MATERIAL: 100% Polyester for lasting use.

STRUCTURE: Flat corners to maximize space.

INTERIOR: Non-woven interior laminate in white or black.

VARIETY: Available in 2 sizes to suit your needs.

PRECISION: Please note a size tolerance of 0.375" (0.9 cm).

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Proudly assembled in the USA from parts sourced globally.

With our Dino Pouch, organize your essentials with a roar! 🦖🌿

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