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Recycled Poly Socks / Psychic Eyes <3

Recycled Poly Socks / Psychic Eyes <3

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Psychedelic Art Socks • Recycled Poly Socks • One-Size-Fits-Most • Illumivers Art Socks • Outdoor Socks • Christmas Socks • Cute Winter Gift

Step into a world of comfort and creativity with our Illumivers Art Socks, a canvas for your feet that's unlike any other. These aren't just socks; they're a fusion of art and comfort, meticulously crafted with care.


We've partnered with Tribe Socks to bring you a masterpiece made from a proprietary blend of yarns, including 58% Recycled Polyester, 22% Nylon, 15% Cotton, and 5% Elastane. This unique blend wraps your feet in both comfort and style.


Designed to be a true one-size-fits-most, these socks stretch their way up to size 12 Men's (U.S.). What sets them apart is the art printed on them, boasting an unprecedented level of stretch and durability, ensuring that your style never fades.




Psychedelic Art Design

Made with 58% Recycled Polyester

200-needle Knit Premium Socks

One Size Fits Most (W's size 5 US up to M's size 12 US)


Elevate your sock game with our Illumivers Art Socks – where comfort meets creativity. Order yours today and step into a world of wearable art!



Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We're here to help you elevate your sock game and provide the best customer service.



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