Choosing Art - Shifting Your Space with a new presence

Similar to investing in the right crystal- buying art is, very specifically, bringing into your field a new vibrating piece of communication.


It makes a difference. Choosing carefully that which you add in, can be a vital challenge ! Which is worth taking a moment of silence and careful attention towards.

Intuition ...

I invite you to take a breath and ask for guidance.

Even if this may sound like a new concept to you, asking for guidance is available to and for us, at any given moment.

Directing a conscious intention to bring growth and positive interaction and impact into our life, may extract very clear decisions that are for your highest good. Make it an out-loud request. Words, sounds, are like shapes and colors- waves of energy, space shifters.

Ask, and now make sure that you are tuned in to your measuring vessel- your thermometer - you own body. Don’t worry if you feel puzzled at first.

Scrolling through any image, you can see how your body reacts on subtle or sometimes even very clear ways.

Just keep breathing and being awake to this experience and your sensations. You can actually use this innate tool with any decision you want to take in life.

Sometimes you will find that there is a distinction of positive and negative vibrations, and within the positive and negative there are endless sub-sensations Celebrity Net Worth which are neither good or bad. All and more can be taken as simple guidance. The mere quality of impact this decision may generate for you, which can and probably will also shift in time.

We are endlessly changing beings on an endlessly changing journey of life.

Much love and attentiveness,

Nooma Layla

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