Care for our home - ECO beings

We are cosmic beings

Not only on a mystical, but a very literal way-

We are of the universe - Citizens of a planet - earth.

Thus we carry personal and collective responsibility to make the most conscious consumption of our resources is a foundation to every step we take.

I believe in the inevitable healing impact of art on the human being. Art is - colors textures sound structures and most of all - intention. ENERGY - vibrating on different frequencies, just as our bodies do. Thus creating a major and profound changes within our beings and as a race.

All this comes within the benevolence of nature, which we ought to respect as the little godlings, creators of art and space that we all are.

The process I use for art printing is as eco loving as possible:  the papers used for my art are made of bamboo or cotton. Both are sustainable biodegradable options. Giclee paper or C-type. 

Giclee paper manufactures only use resources from sustainable forest management areas. This program ensures the preservation and protection of biodiversity, the renewal of the forest habitats and decreasing the impacts of exploitation of forest areas for future generations. The paper made at their mills is certified for the traceability of the wood fibres from an origin of non-threatened forests. 

The Hahnemühle’s bamboo paper is a flagship green range. It is made from the fast growing fibers from the bamboo plant and is completely renewable, it grows rapidly just like and is sourced from ethically responsible and sustainable forests. The environmental impact is low because Bamboo demands no fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Furthermore bamboo requires very little water for growth therefore it can thrive without having a negative impact on water consumption. 

The cotton paper on other art works, is comprised of rags and linters based made from the completely renewable fibers of cotton plant.


Prints in this store are produced in London by ThePrintSpace with a strict environmental policy 

Products in this store produced by printify and are Eco Friendly 



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Make the eco-effort &

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